This is a campaign that the CHTA have run since 2018 with the aim of getting many more defibrillators in Croydon schools.  270 children die of cardiac arrest each year in UK schools and our aim is that a defibrillator would be available in any situation where such an emergency happened in a Croydon school.  We believe that defibrillators should be treated like fire extinguishers and be widely accessible – when you need one nothing else will do!

In the academic year 2019 the CHTA have agreed that there will be a question on LA safeguarding audit as to whether a school has a defibrillator. Members of the CHTA Executive will actively lobby at all available opportunities for schools to purchase a defibrillator in order to achieve our aim.  The results of the audit regarding defibrillators will be published here, hopefully on a school by school basis, in due course.  If you are a parent, a governor, a teacher or a member of the community interested in safety in our schools we urge you to get in contact with the Headteacher or governors at your school to see when a defibrillator for your school can be purchased.  Useful links for those interested in knowing more about this are published below.