80 Brampton Road, Croydon, CR0 6JN
410 Davidson Road Croydon CR0 6DD GB

We are a school that believes in human flourishing; championing the children’s whole experience at school. We want our enriching and tailored curriculum to impact the children’s mind, body and soul.

The whole child is the whole point of what we do at RFA.

The Robert Fitzroy Academy is a school that dreams big for its pupils. The school is named after a man called (as you may guess!)  Robert Fitzroy. There is so much from his character and life that is embodied in the school ethos, culture and actions. He was a sea captain leading different expeditions and we want our children to have that same sense of fun and adventure, team and kinship, risk taking attitude to their learning and being bold and inquisitive.

Yet, he was also a pioneering meteorologist starting the process of forecasting the weather! With this in mind, we also want our children to be thirsty for knowledge, build great learning habits, learn from mistakes and be focused and resilient every day come rain or shine!

It is a combination of these skills and attributes that we want to cultivate for our children, allowing them to thrive within the next phase of their learning and beyond. Education really matters and we want to ensure that ‘every day and every lesson’ counts.

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